TV Map

I just published my first Apple TV App. It’s TV Map, an app to look at maps at the TV. As Apple since now didn’t port their Apple maps on Apple TV, I felt that something is missing. The app uses OpenStreetMap as data source and shows 4 different map types. You can navigate with buttons or use the siri remote to drag the map.

tv map

Screenshot from the TV Map App. An app for apple TV , twos

iLOE for iPad, work in progress ….

A pre alpha screenshot

Hard working on iLOE for iPad (OpenStreetMap editor for iPad). A little bit tired, finding out that it just takes time (and energy) to implement one usecase after the other.  Lost a few hours last night, just to find out that sending data with “DELETE” isn’t supported on most REST frameworks. (See here). Found a workaround today.

Pushing hard, cause I’ll visit a nearly (OpenStreetMap) unmapped area this week, so that’ll be perfect to give a test (and map) to the early alpha version. So what is finished by now? Having different (and switching) maps as background. Switching between official and test OSM server. Of cause login for both servers. Downloading nodes and ways. Adding, editing, moving and deleting nodes. Upload nodes to server. Changing markers on map. What’s open? Now it is all about ways: Creating, deleting ways; adding, sorting and deleting nodes. And, …, a lot of fixing. Stay tuned.

[Update: Just found out that there is a bug with core data: If you got ordered “To-many relations”, xcode creates NSOrderedSets for them. Problem is the created methods won’t work. What can one do? Implement all the stuff yourself. So copy the OrderedSet to a MutualOrderedSet. Do whatever. Pack the new Set to the persistance class and save. (see here)

For all of you wondering what I was writing about: I’m working on a tool to help OpenStreetMap to give Google Maps, Apple Maps and Microsoft Bing a little bit competition.

iLOE quo vadis?

As people ask for feature requests for iLOE, I thaught it might be a good idea to write a few words about the road map.
By now there are so many changes in xcode and in a lot of libraries, that it would take a very long time just to make a small update to iLOE. So I decided to start a whole new design.
To motivate me on this long way I decided to take smaller steps and have a few targets on this way. The first thing was to create iLOC and publish it in the app store. Up to date with the newest xcode, most important with the newest map framework (and different maps !) and last not least a social network (facebook) interface, i have some of the building blocks for the next level:
iLOE for iPad. Long asked for, work has started. It will be a long way, but work is getting on. Once it will be finished, most of the code for the then new iLOE for iPhone will be in there. So it will be the starting of a whole new iLOE.
But when will iLOE for iPAD be finished? Target is to finish this year. So stay tuned.
Greetings and happy mapping,

iLOE‘s back in town

Today apple reviewed the new iLOE Version 1.9.4 so I could put it back in the store. If you are interested in iOS programming what happened? If you use a class from a external lib just in a xib there seems to be a chance that the compiler/linker while optimizing throws this class out of the release. Strange this never happened before, just as I switched to Xcode4. The solution is to just put a reference in the code. Something like [MyClass class]. That‘s all. Searched 2 days to find that out ….
But I still wonder how the buggy version could pass the review, when crashing after the splash screen?

Issue in iLOE newest version – fixed – waiting

Sorry, it seems that the new iLOE release got a problem. I am working on this. It seems that the migration to XCode 4 didn‘t work out.
Sunday Update: After a long search. I think I got it. Quit strange. The new version is uploaded and waiting for review. I took iLOE off the store till the new update is reviewed. Will then put it back, so you‘ll get the automatic update.