iLOS 2.1 finished

Good news about iLOS 2.1 and also iLOE. Today we finished iLOS 2.1 with 2 new features. The user definied search can now be easiliy extended. As you see in the picture above 2 new keys made it by now: natural and craft. The server database will soon get all the key, values. Wieland is working on this topic. It is now very easy for me to add new keys, as soon as Wieland gets them into the server.

The next feature is the search for key=values pairs. If you don‘t remeber the right tag, just search for a part of it. All the matching key,values will be listed. And best of all: This feature will make into iLOE, so hopefully it will be even more faster to map with the iPhone.

Testing for iLOS will start tomorrow, so the upload will be at the end of next week.

iLOS on YouTube

iLOE, what happened so far ….

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

As the blog mover (I moved from iWeb to wordpress) didn’t move the old (archive) blog entries, here is a summary what happened before: As an occasional OpenStreetMap contributer, I thought it would be nice to have an iPhone OSM editor app with me. As I found out that there is none around I started to develop the first OSM Editor for the iPhone. I called it iLOE, iPhone Little OpenStreetMap Editor.

What I had in mind was to give it the ability to edit any tag you want, so it is aimed at the experienced OSM contributer. As a lot of pople didn’t understand this, it gave a lot of criticism. But also a lot of fans …