iLOE quo vadis?

As people ask for feature requests for iLOE, I thaught it might be a good idea to write a few words about the road map.
By now there are so many changes in xcode and in a lot of libraries, that it would take a very long time just to make a small update to iLOE. So I decided to start a whole new design.
To motivate me on this long way I decided to take smaller steps and have a few targets on this way. The first thing was to create iLOC and publish it in the app store. Up to date with the newest xcode, most important with the newest map framework (and different maps !) and last not least a social network (facebook) interface, i have some of the building blocks for the next level:
iLOE for iPad. Long asked for, work has started. It will be a long way, but work is getting on. Once it will be finished, most of the code for the then new iLOE for iPhone will be in there. So it will be the starting of a whole new iLOE.
But when will iLOE for iPAD be finished? Target is to finish this year. So stay tuned.
Greetings and happy mapping,

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