Gestern kam die Nachricht vom AppStore, dass die KinderUhr freigegeben wurde. Wartezeit war fast exakt eine Woche. Die App ist frei (und enthält nur ein wenig Werbung für‘s Kinderquiz). Jetzt sind wir gespannt auf Downloadzahlen und Bewertungen. In der Kategorie Education, in Deutschland standen wir heute auf Platz 51.

iLOE‘s back in town

Today apple reviewed the new iLOE Version 1.9.4 so I could put it back in the store. If you are interested in iOS programming what happened? If you use a class from a external lib just in a xib there seems to be a chance that the compiler/linker while optimizing throws this class out of the release. Strange this never happened before, just as I switched to Xcode4. The solution is to just put a reference in the code. Something like [MyClass class]. That‘s all. Searched 2 days to find that out ….
But I still wonder how the buggy version could pass the review, when crashing after the splash screen?

Issue in iLOE newest version – fixed – waiting

Sorry, it seems that the new iLOE release got a problem. I am working on this. It seems that the migration to XCode 4 didn‘t work out.
Sunday Update: After a long search. I think I got it. Quit strange. The new version is uploaded and waiting for review. I took iLOE off the store till the new update is reviewed. Will then put it back, so you‘ll get the automatic update.