iLOE for iPad, work in progress ….

A pre alpha screenshot

Hard working on iLOE for iPad (OpenStreetMap editor for iPad). A little bit tired, finding out that it just takes time (and energy) to implement one usecase after the other.  Lost a few hours last night, just to find out that sending data with “DELETE” isn’t supported on most REST frameworks. (See here). Found a workaround today.

Pushing hard, cause I’ll visit a nearly (OpenStreetMap) unmapped area this week, so that’ll be perfect to give a test (and map) to the early alpha version. So what is finished by now? Having different (and switching) maps as background. Switching between official and test OSM server. Of cause login for both servers. Downloading nodes and ways. Adding, editing, moving and deleting nodes. Upload nodes to server. Changing markers on map. What’s open? Now it is all about ways: Creating, deleting ways; adding, sorting and deleting nodes. And, …, a lot of fixing. Stay tuned.

[Update: Just found out that there is a bug with core data: If you got ordered “To-many relations”, xcode creates NSOrderedSets for them. Problem is the created methods won’t work. What can one do? Implement all the stuff yourself. So copy the OrderedSet to a MutualOrderedSet. Do whatever. Pack the new Set to the persistance class and save. (see here)

For all of you wondering what I was writing about: I’m working on a tool to help OpenStreetMap to give Google Maps, Apple Maps and Microsoft Bing a little bit competition.

iOS: MKNetworkKit send XML (simple, easy, fast)

Maybe this is what you’re looking for: Easy sending some XML with MKNetworkKit.

This works for me:
MKNetworkOperation *op = [self operationWithPath:@”api/0.6/changeset/create” params: nil httpMethod:@”PUT”];
[op setCustomPostDataEncodingHandler: ^NSString *(NSDictionary *aD){return @”Put your XML here“;} forType:@”text/xml”];

That’s it