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Arduino Einkaufsliste / Shoppinglist

Things I have bought and tested. Please aware, so DealExtreme is (often) cheap, you’ll have to look yourself for any documentation. Shipping is between 2 and 6 weeks. Beware of customs duty.

ELV Realtime Clock I²C, Goldcap. Shield/Kit works great Demo, Instructions
DX Real time clock with battery Instructions
DX 8 x 7 segment 8 7segment + 8 buttons, easy to connect Instructions
DX Ethernet Shield Arduino compatible ethernet shield Instructions
DX LCD Keypad Shield LCD Shield with buttons Instructions
DX Funduino One of many Arduino clones from DX
DX FreArduino Arduino clone, but Mini USB, 3.3V Switch, Servo connectors on board

Must have iOS Apps:

  • Flipboard very good looking (and working!) news aggregator (google news, facebook, twitter. also a lot of magazines)
  • Dropbox easy Data Exchange vs. cloud
  • Weather Pro detailed weather app
  • KinderQuiz

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