iMac 27” 2014 Screen Shuts Off During Game

As my iMac Retina 27” 2014 with AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4096 MB startet to suddenly switch off the screen, especially while playing a full screen game, I started to look for the cause and a solution.

Thinking it might has to do with temperature I started to research. The black out doesn’t seems to have to do with cpu %. To search further I installed and found out, that the screen turns off when the GPU Die temperatur climbs around 100 °C. So what to do against that? Next was to install TG Pro an App you can use to manually (or automatically) turn on the fan.

And: Bingo! As I started to start the fan and cool down the GPU Die, the iMac stopped shutting down the Screen.

– Screen black, Monitor black

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