iLOS is an OpenStreetMap Viewer App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It features worldwide and very fast extensive search possibilities for the near and far search. You‘ll find everything you need when you are abroad wheter you are on holidays or on a business trip. iLos is available in english, german, french, italian and spanish. While in a car, bus or train you can track your position. With Version 2.0 you can add your own searches, which gives you the possibility to search for locations which others won‘t find for you. For example search for coffeeshop in amsterdam. Get iLOE in the AppStore.

Quick HowTo: Start with left button to get your position. Your position will be tracked as long as it is switched on. Use search to start searching. Delete the prevoius search markers with the „X“ button. The search starts in the middle of the map. So simply zoom and move the map to search where ever you like - worlwide. You  find more search results by simply searching the same item again. The search continues until it finds results, If the search reaches 100+ results, the search radius will be set reseted. 

Some things you can find:


Public Toilets

Tourist Info


Miniature golf

Biergarden (Germany)

Fastfood Restaurants


Public Telephones


Toy Shops


Theme Parks


Historic Places


Swimming facilities

Water Parks

Tennis Grounds

Camp Sites


View Points




and much more.

The application offers following functions: 

Localize and track your position. Move the search target on the map. Show the search result on OpenStreetMap.

If you want to edit OpenStreetMap on the iPhone, you might give iLOE a try.

iLOS is the abbreviation for „iPhone Little OpenStreetMap Searcher“

The search result is based on OpenStreetMap: Map and data is (c) by OpenStreetMap and contributors, CC-BY-SA. iLOS uses the Route-Me library which is copyright (c) 2008-2010 by Route-Me Contributors

OpenStreetMap data is growing daily through thousands of contributors. See: Support



iLOS: Search The Planet

Version 2.1 is out now.

iPad Version

Walkthrough iPad and iPhone on YouTube: